Supporting young smiles with Pediatric Dentistry

Caring for your child’s teeth is just as important as any other health issue, and routine dental visits should begin around their first birthday. Dr. Kenneth Poznikoff and his team provide pediatric dentistry for patients in the Drumheller, Alberta area to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as provide valuable education for your child.    

The importance of deciduous teeth 

Pediatric dentistry focuses on education and prevention of oral health issues so your child can have healthy teeth well into adulthood. While many parents may assume that baby teeth are not important, infections and decay in early childhood can have a long-lasting impact. Cavities and gum disease in baby teeth can affect the development of your child’s adult teeth, as well as their facial muscles and jawbone. By keeping them healthy, you lower the chance that they will require orthodontics.

Dr. Poznikoff and his team will monitor your child’s development and provide treatment as soon as problems develop. We will also discuss the best ways to care for their teeth while they are young to prevent cavities and gum disease throughout their lives.

Caring for adult teeth as they grow in

Once your kids begin to develop their permanent teeth, we will watch for issues such as dental crowding, crooked teeth, and bite alignment. Orthodontic treatment can provide straighter teeth and more attractive smiles, but it can also prevent health issues such as decay, gum disease, TMJ dysfunction, and airway disorders. Orthodontic treatment is often more effective with younger patients, and Invisalign offers a discreet alternative that makes it easier for your child to clean their teeth and enjoy their favorite food.

No matter what issues come up with your child’s teeth, we will always provide transparent pricing and help you explore all your options so you can choose the best treatment for your child’s smile. We are available for appointments six days a week, and we will make it a priority to schedule convenient time slots for your family. To learn more about how we can help, contact us in Drumheller, AB, today at (833) 575-1855  to set up an appointment.