7-plus technologies that we use in Drumheller, AB for utmost patient comfort, exceptional precision treatment

We are a proud member of the Drumheller, AB community. Our pride shows in our commitment to causes, such as serving as the Drumheller Dragons junior hockey team’s official dentist. While we love to be involved with and contribute favourably to the “dinosaur capital of the world,” we are not dinosaurs when it comes to technology. Led by general dentist Dr. Ken Poznikoff, Riverside Dental Clinic blends a warm, inviting, relationship-based approach to dentistry with sophisticated technologies. The technology that we use is about more than investing in the latest “shiny object.” These investments support our mission to provide the most comfortable, pleasant, and convenient experience possible at the dentist’s office. We encourage you to sink your teeth into some of the technology-assisted treatments and tools that you can expect to benefit from as a patient (or “guest”) of our practice. 

Teeth in a day 

Traditionally, restorations such as dental crowns would require at least two visits to the dentist’s office. Not so at our office. We have the capabilities onsite to prepare, plan, design, make, refine, and securely place crowns in one visit. We use a Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system known as E4D to skillfully, precisely, and quickly design and fabricate your new and improved tooth structure. This particular system uses high-speed lasers and a discreet intraoral camera to gently and non-invasively “read” the specifications of your tooth. All information is then entered into specialized software to create a 3-dimensional model of your tooth. This model guides the fabrication of the crown from a block of durable, highly aesthetic dental porcelain. 

Advanced diagnostics 

We use precision technologies to detect conditions, such as early-stage dental decay and periodontal inflammation, accurately. By proactively identifying problems in “hidden” areas or early into the disease process before they produce even subtle symptoms, we can intervene in a way that quickly and conservatively resolves erosion or irritation and preserves the natural tooth. Dexis CariVu™ uses light-based technology to pinpoint decayed areas that may not be detected using conventional radiography. CariVu™ is also an effective diagnostic tool that does not use radiation. So, patients have peace of mind. As mentioned, we also use a small, handheld device or intraoral camera to comfortably “scan” the teeth, gums, and other oral structures. The TRIOS® 3-D scanner is an excellent alternative for patients with a bad gag reflex who cannot tolerate standard impression-taking. 

Comfortable treatment 

If you need restorative treatment, along with our team, Dr. Poznikoff, assures your comfort before, during, and after the procedure. He does so with the likes of the STA® Single Tooth Anesthesia System. This computer-assisted system facilitates the most precise administration of localized anesthetic. In this manner, we can support comfortable treatment and minimize or eliminate lingering numbness, a typical conventional complaint following many dental procedures that require numbing pain control medications. During the actual process, we can non-invasively, quickly, and painlessly use dental diode (soft-tissue) lasers to resolve several gum-related problems, from periodontal therapy to treat gum disease to gum contouring to reshape a gummy smile or build up recessed tissues. 

For those patients who need a little assistance relaxing in the dentist’s chair, we offer the safest dental sedation in the region. We are the only general dentist in the area to have hospital privileges. That means we have exceptional patient monitoring capabilities for pediatric and adult patients alike and can even offer trauma care to patients who have sustained severe dental injuries. 

“Gold standard” procedures

We also invite you to our safe surroundings! We have taken public health precautions to the next level to contain the spread of viruses that cause disease, such as COVID-19. These precautions include three types of air purification that “scrubs” the air every three minutes. Hypochlorous acid fogging to disinfect operatories and floor-to-ceiling industrial plastic shrouding in each operatory. 

Experience our blend of small-town, personal care and extensive, sophisticated amenities and treatments for yourself. Contact us today at (833) 575-1855 to schedule your appointment.