Brighten your smile with teeth whitening treatments

If stains on your teeth have you embarrassed to show off your smile, Dr. Kenneth Poznikoff and his experienced dental team at Riverside Dental Clinic can help. We offer patients in the Drumheller, Alberta, area a safe, effective alternative to over-the-counter whitening kits that can improve your smile up to eight shades in a single visit.

Benefits of Zoom in-office whitening

There is no shortage of products available for teeth stain removal, but these kits can take weeks to work if they do provide your results. However, the Zoom system uses prescription-strength bleaching gel activated with a special light to deliver incredible results promptly. Because it is performed by one of our trained hygienists, we can ensure you do not damage your gums or your tooth enamel in the process and prevent you from ingesting the medication.

Zoom whitening can improve the look of your smile and restore your confidence, and because the results are immediate, you can schedule your sessions before a special event or photo session. Not only does the treatment remove stubborn stains, but it can also kill pathogenic bacteria associated with tooth decay, which can help protect your smile. Treatment typically takes between 1-2 hours and works best right after your routine dental cleaning.

Maintaining your results 

While Zoom whitening can provide long-lasting results, the best way to prevent future staining is with good oral hygiene and regular cleanings. This same care can also prevent decay and gum disease, so you can save money on dental treatment in the future. Discoloration is commonly caused by smoking, drinking certain drinks such as coffee or wine, and tartar buildup. We can educate you on the best ways to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks while reducing your risk for stains.

Certain discoloration and intrinsic staining will not be resolved with bleaching treatments. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth during your consultation and determine if Zoom is right for you. For patients that cannot brighten their teeth with Zoom, we have alternatives, such as dental crowns and porcelain veneers, that can improve the look of your smile for years. Contact our office in Drumheller, AB, today at (833) 575-1855 to learn more.