Schedule your child’s first visit to the dentist today

Protecting baby teeth is just as crucial for your child’s oral health as it is for adult teeth, and the sooner they come in for their first visit to the dentist, the better. Dr. Kenneth Poznikoff and his dedicated team at Riverside Dental Clinic welcomes patients of all ages to our office in Drumheller, Alberta, and we encourage parents to bring their child as soon as their first baby tooth erupts or around their first birthday.

Caring for your baby’s oral health

Home hygiene should begin even before your child begins teething. You should wash your child’s gums with a warm wash cloth at least twice a day from the time they turn three months old. This will remove any germs and help them prepare for using a toothbrush once they have teeth. Toothpaste is not necessary, but you can use a small amount of baby toothpaste if you wish to help freshen their breath. 

As they develop teeth, you can begin brushing and using floss gently to remove plaque from the edges of the teeth. You should still avoid toothpaste that contains fluoride until they are at least two years old, and work with them on how to spit the toothpaste out and rinse their mouth with water. Your dentist will educate you on the safest, healthiest technique to clean your child’s mouth and prevent decay and gum disease.

What to expect at the first appointment

A kid’s first visit to the dentist, even if they are young, allows them to get comfortable with routine dental care. Your child may be nervous during the appointment, and you should prepare them for the visit by speaking positively and reminding them you will be there with them the whole time. It is also best to choose a time of day where your child will not be sleepy or grouchy. Our staff has the training and experience to work with young children, and help them get over their anxiety by making the visit fun and educational.  We strive to provide a low-pressure environment and will meet your child where they are on any given day.

During the appointment, we will examine your child’s teeth and gums to check their development and perform a gentle cleaning to remove any bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildup if needed. In some cases, the dentist may recommend an X-ray to see any issues with decay or teeth that have not erupted yet. To learn more about our pediatric services, contact our office in Drumheller, AB, today at (833) 575-1855  to set up an appointment.